Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Heating machine directed into crawl space.

SERVPRO torpedo will dry that up!

Here is our torpedo heating machine that dries out a crawl space in no time at all! After the excess water is extracted from the crawl space, this awesome machine ensures that the crawl space is properly dried out. Crawl spaces are in the shadows of a home and it's important that they are heat dried or else it could stay wet for a prolonged period of time which would cause damage to the foundation and mold growth. 

Working under home in crawl space.

Storms can cause a lot of damage to a property.

The internal walls of a property may be safe from water leaks after a storm but the crawl space can become flooded easily. A lot of older homes in California have crawl spaces so when storms hit with heavy rains, they become flooded. If the water sits it can fester mold and weaken the support system of the household. We have the ability to extract the water with our large extractor machines and dry it out with our torpedo heating machine. 

Green air movers and dehumidifiers in large room.

When the storms hit, the leaks show themselves!

It can be hard to find where you have a leak in your home or business until the rain comes pouring from the sky. When you do find the leak, call us and we will dry out any water damage and get the area ready to be repaired after so hopefully when the next rain storm hits, it's not inside your home and you can enjoy the rainfall outside through a window instead.

Man checking moisture in wall with device.

Checking moisture in the walls.

Usually we have sun in southern California but these past few weeks we've been experiencing some rainy days. Some rain storms are so powerful they push through crack in doors or find their way in through tiny holes in roofing. If you think you have water damage after a storm, call us and we can check the walls for moisture so you don't have a bigger issue on your hand later down the road!

Man talking during a meeting with employees.

Juan Araya, the Go-Getter!

Juan Araya is the son of Joe Araya and became business partners with him over 20 years ago. Juan is our analytic thinker, he is always on the go making sure jobs are getting done properly the first time. We look up to him because like his father Joe, he puts his whole self into the company and ensures customers needs are met and satisfied. There never a problem unsolved with Juan around. 

We adore our owners and appreciate them creating such a great company to work for!

A man dressed in military uniform posing for an official photo.

Steve Carlile, a veteran of the USMC

Steve Carlile met Joe when they were serving in the USMC together. Steve went into business with Joe in 2003 after retiring out of the military. He is a problem solver and motivational speaker at work. He's a great role model for our entire company and has a great sense of humor.