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Water heater had mold growing in the stand.

When water leaks small droplets over a long period time, it begins to collect. When the collection of water is in a damp, humid area such as the wooden stand th... READ MORE

Mold growth from water damage.

When moisture sits in a humid environment, it creates a perfect breeding ground for mold to grow. Once mold begins to grow it does not stop until it is complete... READ MORE

Storm damage from a roof leak.

Storms are known to cause damage outside. They can uproot trees, move cars and even knock down power lines. When people think of storms they think of the immens... READ MORE

Leaky roofs cause ceiling damage.

It's hard to know you have a hole or leak in your roof until the storms hit and you start to see an odd color forming on the ceiling. Holes in roofing can be ca... READ MORE

Conference room flood.

Water is very powerful in copious amounts. It can cause a lot of damage. If you filled up a bathtub and kept it running, the amount of water that could come pou... READ MORE

Storm flooding into a warehouse.

It doesn't rain often in southern California, but when it does it pours. Over a long rainy weekend, water gushed into this office and their back warehouse area ... READ MORE

Leaky water valve.

In homes and businesses there are high chances of water damage because of all the pipes that run through the walls. In this home the shut off valve behind the a... READ MORE

Fires start in the home more than you think.

Fires start in the home more than you would think. If you were to break down the items in each room that could potentially start a fire, there would be a long l... READ MORE

House fires can start at a moment's notice.

When it comes to house fires, they can happen in a blink of an eye and spread throughout the house quickly. Homes are full of furniture and items that can catch... READ MORE

Mold from water damage

A water heater had been leaking and mold began to grow after it was sitting for a while. There was a lot of mold damage on both the drywall and the frame behind... READ MORE