Photo Gallery

Kids gathered in front of green truck in green SERVPRO shirts.

Here at SERVPRO, we are a FAMILY!

SERVPRO is more than just another restoration company. We are a family. We regularly have gatherings to celebrate the employees and include their families at our holiday parties. Our team is tight-knit. 

Large warehouse with wooden crates.

Why SERVPRO, you ask?!

Not only is our team overflowing with fully trained professionals, we have all the proper equipment, and we have SPACE for our customers property. When you experience a full house flood and have no other place to keep all of your furniture and personal belongings, we have a huge warehouse for that. It stays safe locked up in a crate in a climate controlled building. Our contents team neatly packs it away and gently unpacks it when our customers are ready for us to move it all back into their home.

Truck lined up and ready to go to jobs.

Our trucks are full of plenty of equipment!

No matter the size job, large or small, we have plenty of equipment to get it done right the first time. With owners that have been in the industry for 30+ years, they are experts in knowing what it takes to get a property dried out in a timely manner. Our team wants you to get your property back to working condition ASAP just like our customers want. 

SERVPRO dump truck in office parking lot.

SERVPRO has their own dump truck.

When a home has water damage, there comes a lot of debris to cleanup after. Our team neatly packs that debris of insulation and drywall into trash bags and stacks it into our dump truck where we remove it off the property and dispose it properly. 

Heating machine directed into crawl space.

SERVPRO torpedo will dry that up!

Here is our torpedo heating machine that dries out a crawl space in no time at all! After the excess water is extracted from the crawl space, this awesome machine ensures that the crawl space is properly dried out. Crawl spaces are in the shadows of a home and it's important that they are heat dried or else it could stay wet for a prolonged period of time which would cause damage to the foundation and mold growth. 

Working under home in crawl space.

Storms can cause a lot of damage to a property.

The internal walls of a property may be safe from water leaks after a storm but the crawl space can become flooded easily. A lot of older homes in California have crawl spaces so when storms hit with heavy rains, they become flooded. If the water sits it can fester mold and weaken the support system of the household. We have the ability to extract the water with our large extractor machines and dry it out with our torpedo heating machine. 

Burnt stovetop from grease fire.

Take caution when cooking with an open flame!

It didn't take long for this kitchen to go up in flames when the owner left the flame unattended for a moment to go grab something in the other room. The kitchen stovetop fire caught the grease in the pan and went up in flames immediately. This is why it is so important to keep a close watch when cooking in the kitchen.

After photo of walls and ceiling removed after a fire.

Fire burned through the roof!

A fire took flames to this house one day and burned not only the walls but all the way to the ceiling. Our team came in after the fire was out to removed the burnt dry wall and insulation while also wiping the walls clean of soot and smoke odor. Here is the after photo of our work!

Moldy internal walls of a motel.

The last thing you want to see at a hotel is mold!

After a disastrous flood in a hotel, mold began to grow. The water that leaked through the walls and flooring was hot which is the perfect breeding grounds for mold. Our teams trained professionals on removing mold and not allowing mold spores to spread while removing it. We put up air tight containments to keep the mold from spreading and reproducing. 

Man in front of USAA poster.

We are the business that is preferred by most insurance companies.

Not every restoration business is a preferred vendor. We take pride in the fact that we are not only preferred by insurance carriers but we are also preferred by customers. We do a lot of work with USAA, who is very particular in the companies that they use. Our team provides quality work because we know the importance of getting your property back to "Like it never even happened." 

Green air movers and dehumidifiers in large room.

When the storms hit, the leaks show themselves!

It can be hard to find where you have a leak in your home or business until the rain comes pouring from the sky. When you do find the leak, call us and we will dry out any water damage and get the area ready to be repaired after so hopefully when the next rain storm hits, it's not inside your home and you can enjoy the rainfall outside through a window instead.

Man checking moisture in wall with device.

Checking moisture in the walls.

Usually we have sun in southern California but these past few weeks we've been experiencing some rainy days. Some rain storms are so powerful they push through crack in doors or find their way in through tiny holes in roofing. If you think you have water damage after a storm, call us and we can check the walls for moisture so you don't have a bigger issue on your hand later down the road!

Man talking during a meeting with employees.

Juan Araya, the Go-Getter!

Juan Araya is the son of Joe Araya and became business partners with him over 20 years ago. Juan is our analytic thinker, he is always on the go making sure jobs are getting done properly the first time. We look up to him because like his father Joe, he puts his whole self into the company and ensures customers needs are met and satisfied. There never a problem unsolved with Juan around. 

We adore our owners and appreciate them creating such a great company to work for!

A man dressed in military uniform posing for an official photo.

Steve Carlile, a veteran of the USMC

Steve Carlile met Joe when they were serving in the USMC together. Steve went into business with Joe in 2003 after retiring out of the military. He is a problem solver and motivational speaker at work. He's a great role model for our entire company and has a great sense of humor.

A man in military uniform under a tent.

Joe Araya, veteran of the USMC

Here is a photo of Joe Araya as a young Marine. Joe has been a hard worker his whole life and is always willing to use his very own hands for every job. Joe Arayas determined attitude is a great inspiration for all of our employees.

Red, white and blue silver coin that's scripted with Google Celebrates Veteran-Led Businesses

Veteran Led Business.

It's no secret that our owners Joe and Steve are veterans of the Marine Corps. They met in the military as young Marines and remained good friends and went into business together. They've created a great foundation for our business and staff. Google recognizes businesses that are veteran owned and operated such as ours. They sent us this awesome coin to commemorate it. Thank you all for your service! Semper Fi!

Orange here to help font in front of coronavirus.

Staying open during COVID-19

This is a challenging time for all of us, and we know you are concerned about your business, as well as your employees, family, and friends. We at SERVPRO want you to know that while we are taking all recommended precautions for the health of our employees, we remain open for our normal business hours and are ready to assist you. We are conducting daily ULV Fogging of our facility with hospital grade disinfectants as a proactive measure and can also offer this service to customers.

Green truck parked in front of white church.

SERVPRO is a preferred vendor for most churches!

Working at a local church this week.
We have been working with many different churches throughout the years. Any building can have water damage at any given time, that's why it's important to know who to call when emergencies like this happen!

Fire burning through brush in front of houses.

Wildfires in California

We deal with a lot of house fires but we also get calls for damage done after a wildfire has run its course. During the fall time is when brush fires usually hit full force. We have done jobs for houses directly affected by the flames and ones indirectly affected such as from the smoke and soot that comes with it. The smoke from a wildfire can travel through the air and stick to surfaces making the entire home smell of smoke. Our contents team cleans the fire damage areas, every single item.

Three women at an event.

We love our commercial clients

We appreciate our customers and our clients. They become more to us than that, they become our friends. They put all of their trust into our team members when we enter their homes and we never let them down. So thank you to all of our customers and clients for letting us help you get back to normal life after an emergency has occurred.

Fire fighters fighting fire flames.

We always bounce back

The first few months after a wildfire are devastating but our team is here and tries to get people back to their normal lives again. We put heart into our work because we care and want to make our customers houses feel like a home again.

SERVPRO flag, USMC flag, POWMIA flag, American flag

Veteran Owned & Operated

Our franchises include SERVPRO of N. Vista/San Marcos, SERVPRO of Escondido, SERVPRO of Carlsbad and SERVPRO of NE San Diego County. Two of our three owners are retired Marines. They hold our team to high standards with their distinguished military background. Thank you for your service Joe and Steve!!

Employee under crawl space setting machine up.

Yes- we do work in crawl spaces!

Although they are not too common around southern California, from time to time we get a call for a crawl space that is flooded. That's no feat that our employees can't conquer. 

Green room with ultrasonic cleaner and steel tables.

How do I clean my hard surfaced items after a fire?

The answer is our ultrasonic cleaner! The hard surfaced items are placed gently in a basket where each piece has its own space so they are not banging against each other. When turned on the machine shakes at a high frequency that removes all the debris and leaves it spotless!

Green contents cleaning room with Esporta machine.

We can clean your soft materialized items easy!

When fire damage hits, the smoke travels throughout the home or business and leaves behind a layer of soot on each item. Soft items such as clothing cannot be regularly washed because it will not remove the smoke scent. Instead we wash it in our commercial grade Esporta machine. It's delicate on customers belongings but also removed unwanted fire smell and damage. 

Green equipment stacked in a warehouse.

We can handle any size job!!

As you can see in the photo, this is just a portion of our equipment. We have loads more and our trucks are always full so we are prepared to handle any size job the minute we get the phone call.  

A boy holding a large fish on a boat in the ocean.

Deep sea fishing!

We like to thank our employees for their hard work with fun outings such as deep sea fishing. It's a nice way for the team to get out with their families and have some fun! 

Green trucks and contents set up at a school parking lot.

Large loss school job.

There is no job too large or too small for our team. In this photo you can see our trucks and equipment setup at a middle school in Valley Center. Multiple rooms in one of the buildings flooded and our staff handled it, no problem!

Green truck parked in front of aircraft.

SERVPRO cleans a plane!

Along with fire, water and mold cleanup, our team is also certified in bio hazard cleanup such as crime scene and sewage backup. When our team got the call early one morning for a plane that needed some TLC we were out there immediately because the plane had places to be!

Group of people sitting down at a table for breakfast.

Monthly managers breakfast.

When you're a large business, it's important to set aside time to get together and make sure you're on the same page. We meet monthly with our managers for a managers breakfast. We take this time to thank them for their hard work. 

Large group photo of all the employees.

Meet our team!

Our team is made up of so many great assets and many years of experience. Our three owners Joe, Juan and Steve have been in the restoration industry for 25+ years. Our team is able to handle any size job and we are open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.