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Rolling the Trucks Out, One by One

1/9/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employees standing in front of green truck Choose the team that has your best interest, our team!

It is a very busy & exciting time at SERVPRO of NE San Diego County. Our franchise and our family continues to grow and grow.  We have added new crew chiefs, new estimators, and even new managers.  Our vehicles have increased and thankfully for us our work volume has also increased.  With any growth there are always expected growing pains but luckily for us, our entire staff has stepped up and we have been able to maintain our very high level of customer service and work quality.  Our Yelp reviews have more than doubled in the last year and some of the comments customers have left for us have blown us away. The machine that is SERVPRO of NE San Diego County is running on all cylinders right now and we are ecstatic about these exciting times in our franchise's history. So keep it up team! Let's roll on and roll out every single day and keep the momentum going.

Fire Sprinkler Causes Water Damage.

7/15/2020 (Permalink)

Inspecting a fire sprinkler. Owner Juan inspecting a water sprinkler.

A fire sprinkler is a very effective fire safety tool; however, it can be unintentionally discharged. Like the recent large loss we took care for a San Diego Hotel building.

After a fire sprinkler was unintentionally discharged on the third story, management decided to call our team to assist in the dry out. With lots a strategic planning and many long hours we successfully dried their structure and get them back to business in no time.

"Like it never even happened."

A typical fire sprinkler head for a commercial system will discharge 20-40 gallons of water each minute. This can be very disruptive to your business and can cost a lot of time and money to clean/ repair. There are 3 practical steps to prevent and prepare for a fire sprinkler system discharge.

All business owners should be sure each and every employee receives the proper education needed to reduce the risk of accidents.

Protect Your Home!

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

USMC, SERVPRO, POWMIA and USA Flags flying We always have our four flags flying above our shop.

Your roofing seems fine until a heavy storm hits and you find leaks all over your home. The day is gloomy, you want to stay inside and watch the rain fall from the window not from inside your living room ceiling. An option that a homeowner may have is to seal their roof. Sealing a roof includes options:

  • two layers of felt
  • synthetic roof membranes
  • a polyurethane foam spray (for existing roofs)

When you seal your roof, it gives an extra protection against rain storms.

It is said that the roofing industry has suggested the felt paper as a way to help drain water away once it is behind the roof cover. The roof covering that you chose should be sealed with a membrane that is strong enough to be watertight, will stay in place if the primary roof blows off.

We do board ups after fire damage!

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

Green truck with board up services written in white. We offer board up services 24/7

Most of the time when a fire burns through a property, it leave openings to the outside. Fires can burn through walls and shatter windows along with the high pressure fire hoses used to put them out. Openings throughout the house are left behind and can be easily accessed by anyone passing by. Large holes left behind expose all the personal belongings in the home. Usually homeowners live somewhere else when their homes is being put back together after a large fire. It's important to get the walls and windows boarded up immediately to secure the belongings inside. Our team offers board up services every day of the week so if disaster strikes in your home and you need assistance quick call our 24 hour number at (760)520-1565 

Ultrasonic cleaner

3/4/2020 (Permalink)

Green painted walls behind a silver ultrasonic machine. Our ultrasonic cleaner.

When a fire happens in a home or business, it destroys everything in it's path. It doesn't take long for the flames to run through the belongings in a household. It is a frantic experience for all of those involved. The place is left behind with fire damage from the flames, water damage from the fire hose and soot damage from the smoke. The initial fire may be out but the damage left behind is immense. The walls and furniture reek of smoke and need to be professionally cleaned. This is a photo of our ultrasonic cleaner that cleans the hard surfaced items. When solid items such as plates, silverware, decor, etc. have soot damage from the smoke we neatly pack them up and place them into the ultrasonic cleaner for a deep cleaning. After we dry them we pack them up neatly again to bring back to the home or business.

Do your clothes reek of smoke smell after a fire?

3/4/2020 (Permalink)

Green room with silver cleaning machine. Esporta machine

The aftermath of a fire can be overwhelming. Walls and ceilings are burned through. Soot lays upon all the furniture and decor left behind and clothing holds a strong smoke until properly washed. You cannot throw clothing into a regular washer because it will not remove the strong smoke odor. It needs to be professionally washed and our facility has an Esporta machine. We can wash any soft items in our  machine to remove all soot and smoke. Our team understands the attachment that people have to their personal belongings and the fact that we are able to help restore over replace items makes a huge difference in the process. Being able to keep an important original item to our customers makes the process a little easier on them. We are able to save the things they care about most and that brings joy to us all. This photo shows a picture of what our Esporta machine looks like.